The Fishing

The first keeper size bass of the season show up in mid-May, Bluefish take up residence a few weeks later. Although it varies year to year, Bluefin tuna can be found from early June well into November. August through October is the best time to find the elusive False Albacore and Bonito. This schedule depends primarily on the water temperature at that time.
For Stripers and Blues, we use top of the line Penn and Newell reels with 12# and 25# test Big Game line. The rods are high quality St. Croix and Loomis. Inshore fly fishing is also an option.
For offshore tuna, 50-80lb class Shimano Tiagra reels on Local Hooker rods are trolled with various combinations of splash bars, daisy chains and plugs.
For a true adrenaline rush, casting top water Got Stryper soft baits to surface feeding tuna is always a possibility. Over the past few years vertical jigging with Shimano Butterfly jigs has put a lot of tuna on board when the fish are off the troll bite and staying deep.


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